Hello, my name is Andrew Kunk. I'm a designer with experience in graphic and industrial design, ui/ux, and front end web development.

This is my portfolio, sort with filters below.

Real Estate Design

Graphic Design, Branding, UX, Web Development

FidoGroup Branding

Graphic Design, Branding, UX, Illustration

Web Design & Development

Web Development, Programming, UX, Graphic Design

Generative Art

Programming, Graphic Design



SRAM Product Graphics

Graphic Design, Product Appearance Design, Packaging

Poster Designs

Graphic Design

Orbit Bag Kickstarter

Graphic Design, Branding, Industrial Design

ReGo Containers Thesis

Graphic Design, Industrial Design, UX, Systems Design

FDOT UX Concept

UX, Design Research, Graphic Design

n149 Lamp

Industrial Design

Jus Product Design

Industrial Design, UX

Spark Product Design

Industrial Design, Design Research

OFFA Product Design

Industrial Design, Graphic Design

Duet Exhibit Concept

Industrial Design

Cor-e UX Concept

Industrial Design, UX

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