Orbit Bag landing image. Orbit Bag product hero image with branding rings and space background.

Orbit Bag

The Orbit Bag is a quick-attach pouch that orbits around your bags.

Organize those everyday objects that tend to float around your bags and pockets, and keep them handy across multiple bags. The Orbit Bag was launched and funded on Kickstarter, Manufactured in Chicago, and fulfilled to backers and customers in the spring of 2018. I am currently sold out of all Orbit Bags from the first production run, but may produce more. Merchandise is available below.

Orbits around backpacks or messenger bags.

Just like smaller planets orbit larger ones, the Orbit Bag was created as a small bag to easily attach to any backpack or bag. It carries your everyday gear and provides the flexibility to dock it on any strap, belt, handle or tube. It tends to work best on thicker straps, ones that are either flat and wide or well-padded.

Orbit Bag attached to a backpack strap. Orbit Bag attached to a messenger bag strap.

Or spacewalk with an orbiting belt attachment.

The Orbit Bag has a horizontal belt loop to securely hold the bag onto your belt. This keeps the bag upright giving you immediately access to your gear and or allowing you to carry something larger, such as a water bottle.

Orbit Bag attached to a belt around the waist, in between the rear and right belt loops.

Abducts your stuff to easily switch bags.

Inspired by astronauts, but built for cyclists, the Orbit Bag gravitates your daily gear as we all orbit around the sun every day. It has one single, large pocket to carry as much as you can fit. Its great for use as a cyclist, carrying tools, lights, a tube, a granola bar, and bandana. Or as a commuter, carrying some earbuds, a charger and cables, keys, money, chapstick, and others personal items. Or as a creative, carrying a small sketchbook and some pens and markers.

Orbit Bag with a cyclist's every day carry objects. Pictured is an adjustable wrench, a hex wrench set, tire repair kit, chain tool, bicycle light, extra tube, bandana, and granola bar. Orbit Bag with a commuter's every day carry objects. Pictured is a wallet, money, a portable charger and cables, a charger box, earbuds, extra tea-bags, chapstick, a lighter, a key, and a bandana Orbit Bag with a creative's every day carry objects. Pictured is a small sketchbook, some stickers to draw on, an assortment of pens and markers, a flash drive, a lens cap, and some earbuds.

Advanced functionality for intergalactic use.

The Orbit Bag features durable velcro attachment flaps to secure it to bag straps. It also has a wide mouth, a quick-access zipper, and a key ring. There is an 'Orbit Bag' patch on the front, and a 'Made In Chicago' label on the side.

Orbit Bag velcro attachment flaps feature shown open. Orbit Bag wide mouth opening showing items inside. Orbit Bag zipper quick access opening showing a notebook inside. Orbit Bag with keys attached to keyring on front. Orbit Bag features diagram labelling the attachment velcro flaps, Orbit patch, key loop webbing and metal d-ring, closure velcro and webbing, coil zipper and slider, and 'Made in Chicago' label.

Space age color options.

The Orbit Bag was made with 3 different color options. Solar White, Lunar Black, and Astral Reflective. The color choices were inspired by the high-contrast, black and white fields on space-shuttles.

Solar White Orbit bag color option. Lunar Black Orbit bag color option. Astral Reflective Black Orbit bag color option.

Strong enough to be in space.

Made with durable Cordura and tear-proof ripstop into a tough bag that can withstand the gravity of even the largest backpack.

  • Black Cordura swatch

    Black Cordura

  • White Cordura swatch

    White Cordura

  • Nylon webbing swatch


  • Velcro swatch

    Hook & Loop

  • Ripstop swatch

    Gray Ripstop

  • 3M Reflective swatch

    3M Reflective
    (Astral only)

Orbit Bag Shop

All Orbit Bags are currently sold out. Orbit Bag stickers and patches are available for purcahse, as well as 'Made in Chicago' labels. Contact me to make a purchase.

Orbit sticker image


Orbit patch image


Made in Chicago label image


Orbit Bag on a backpack photograph.

Design Process Photos

Fabric and zippers being prepared for the Orbit Bag. Sewing velcro straps for the Orbit Bag. Orbit Bag and fabric pieces. Orbit Bag and fabric assemblies. Orbit Bag prototype, Solar Whitel Orbit Bag semi-final prototypes. Earliest prototypes to sample from the manufacturer. Orbit Bag branding and patch development. Orbit Bag patch mockup. Orbit Bag Final prototype studio photo.